Config intents


Config intents are a way to change the setting of some handheld apps from your own app. The system works by using broadcasts with the actual data provided as extras.

Broadcast action

The broadcast action consists of the apps package name with “.WRITE_CONFIG” appended.
For the KioskBrowser, this would be “com.handheldgroup.kioskbrowser.WRITE_CONFIG“.

Broadcast extras

There are two ways to send extras. You can provide all the different options as individual extras or provide the path to an XML file containing the values.
Most apps provide a way to export the settings to XML so you can use that file.

Send config file

If you want to send the config as an XML file, you need two string extras. The first one has the key “format” and the value “file” to indicate that you want to import a file.
The second extra has the key “file” and the value should be a path to the XML file you want to use.
Make sure that the receiving app actually has the permissions to read this file.

Send individual values

The available values might differ greatly between apps. Please select one of the apps in the list below to see possible keys for this app.
In most cases, it will be easier to set up an app as you need and export the settings. You can either use the exported file directly or open it to see the keys and values you could use.