Intent action


Possible values

Type Key Value Note
String module NX2EXP-LF For possible values see “Options for module extra” here
String password 1234 Password for the app settings
Boolean auto_start true/false Start RFID service when device boots
Boolean rfid_trigger true/false Trigger scan with F7 key (Please see your device manual on how to assign a button to act as F7)
String output_method See note “keyboard”, “paste”, “broadcast”, or “clipboard”
String terminator See note “none”, “enter”, “tab”, or “space”
Boolean rfid_ack_tone true/false Play sound after successful scan
Boolean show_scan_toast true/false Show toast with scan result after successful scan
String data_prefix Prefix text
String data_suffix Suffix text
String data_offset Number Characters to skip at the start of ID
String data_length Number Characters to read in total. 0 for full length
String min_data_length Number Discard tags with a shorter ID. 0 to accept any length
String max_data_length Number Discard tags with a longer ID. 0 to accept any length