This command allows you to start an Activity (by calling startActivity) using an Intent (classpath) or Action. You can provide a set of extras to pass to the activity as well.
You can use this to trigger an action or initialization in your app.
Make sure that the called Activity does actually exit after it’s done because the staging will hold until the activity stops.

When starting an Activity, there are three possible ways to provide the “Intent value”:

  • The full class path to the activity you want to start – e.g. “” for Chrome
  • The package name suffixed by a slash to start the default/launcher activity inside that app – e.g. “” for Chrome
  • A intent action to start any app associated with that action – e.g. “android.intent.action.VIEW” to view a element. If you sent the data to a URI, this can also open Chrome

To set the data element in the intent, add a string extra an use the special value “__DATA” as the key for this extra

You can also use intent commands to apply settings to other handheld and MaxGo app. See here for details and supported apps.